how to enable certbot wildcard on centos 7

certbbot definitely is a great FREE service. 

There are 2 options to install the wildcard, one with Docker and one manual install. Of course we’ll use manual install as the Docker install will create the certificates inside the Docker image and it will be very difficult for us to use.

1. First, Let’s get the certbot-auto

chmod a+x certbot-auto

certbot-auto accepts the same flags as certbot; it installs all of its own dependencies and updates the client code automatically.

2. Then the command to use the manual plugin will look something like this:

./certbot-auto certonly --manual -d * -d --preferred-challenges dns-01 --server

I saved this to a file like

chmod a+x

3. run the command


It will try to install the needed packages

Then it will ask for needed information

After all these, you’ll need to create a TXT record with the name and value provided from the output.

Wait for a few minutes for the TXT record to be live, then enter.

That’s it, the wildcard certificates are available under /etc/letsencrypt folder