Getting Traffic on eyeblaster/addineyeV2.html Page That Doesn’t Exists?

So, you’re getting undesired traffic on your page that really doesn’t exists. Same happened with me and for a moment it made me think how can i get traffic on such a page which i never created and thus doesn’t exists, neither any of backlinks from other sites or internal links from my site point to that page.

As usual i asked for help to our best friend Google and at first glance i didn’t got any straight forward answer, so i dig up more into inner page results and bang i got the solution. This has to do with Adsense Ads.

So what basically is the problem? Well, i am not a code pro, but i can surely say that it has to do something with Rich Media, Flash or iFrame Adsense Ads that are displayed on our website. When a user clicks on such ads, these ads require help from code that is placed in to perform further action. It is very similar like DoublelClick Rich Media Ads for which we need to have iFrame.html file placed in DoubleClick folder that is placed on root directory of our website.

Ok, so we got the problem and what if we decide to do nothing about it? Well nothing much will happen except that you’ll lose few bucks that you can make from such ads, because clicks on these ads are not counted as the click result didn’t ended up in the way it should.

So, right click this link > addineyeV2.html choose save as and save this file to your desktop then simply create eyeblaster folder on the root directory of your site and place the addineeyeV2.html file in that folder and start making Money Again.


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